Feb 22, 2018

New guidelines on the natural radioactivity of food

The food we consume and the water we drink have some levels of natural radioactivity that are generally not dangerous to your health. Natural radionuclides are transferred from the earth to the crops, and from these to food. Similarly, these radionuclides are transferred from the water in rivers, lakes and oceans to the fish.

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Nuclear techniques to detect adulterated food in developing countries

The United States Grocery Manufacturers' Association (GMA) estimates that fraud in this sector causes a loss of 10 to 15 billion dollars a year. Documentation labels, guarantee authenticities, can be easily falsified. For this reason, the adulteration of food not only presents a serious danger to public health but also a lack of confidence in these products. This leads to the establishment of international commercial bans with the affected countries and the subsequent economic damage.

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Anniversary of the birth of Dimitri Ivánovich Mendeléyev, the "father" of the Periodic Table

February 8th 2016 marked the 182th anniversary of the birth of Dimitri Ivánovich Mendeléyev. Mendéleyev was born in Tobolsk (Siberia, Russia) on February 8th 1834, and died on February 2nd 1907. This famous Russian chemist achieved his place in history thanks to his discovery of what today we know as the Periodic Table of Chemical Elements, the famous chemical classification of the different compounds that exist in the planet. 

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