Apr 24, 2018

Mission, vision and values


We are a non-profit association. Since the year 1962, we represent the interests of the Spanish nuclear sector to the government and other stakeholders. We support business opportunities for our partners at national and international levels, and carry out divulgation activities on the characteristics of nuclear energy.


We work to promote the operation of Spanish nuclear reactors and remain committed to maintaining the full weight of the nuclear contribution to Spain's energy mix. Currently this contribution is around 20%.

We support the technological capabilities of the Spanish nuclear sector. The nuclear industry, which is competitive and expert, contributes significantly to the Spanish economy while at the same time participating in nuclear development around the world.


We consider it of essential importance to curb climate change. For this reason, we remain commited to nuclear energy as it is a source of energy that can generate large amounts of electricity without emitting greenhouse-effect particles or gasses into the atmosphere.

We support an industry that generates stable and quality employment, and which makes an important social and economic contribution, both locally and nationally.

We believe in the importance of developing of nuclear technology through new techniques and research projects for electricity production and for their application in the fields of agriculture, energy, environment and medicine.

We provide specialized information to society, with the goal of spreading sicentific knowledge and information on the topic of nuclear energy.


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