Cofrentes Nuclear Power Plant
Nuclear power in Spain

Cofrentes Nuclear Power Plant

LocationCofrentes (Valencia)
Start of commercial operation11 March 1985
Installed power1,092.01 MW
Gross accumulated production from source (until 29 February 2024)316,033,451 MWh
Monthly production (February 2024)699,846 MWh
Accumulated production for the year1,434,123 MWh

The Cofrentes nuclear power plant is located two kilometers away from the village of Cofrentes in the province of Valencia, on the right bank of the Júcar River, very close to the Embarcaderos Reservoir –which serves as a cooling source for the plant. It is equipped with a boiling water reactor (BWR) designed by General Electric, with a thermal power level of 3,235 MW and an electrical output of 1,092. Plant cooling is accomplished by two natural draught cooling towers, each with a 50% capacity. The total surface area of the site is 300 Ha.

The construction permit was granted in 1975, and the plant was connected to the national electric grid nine years later, in October 1984.

The Cofrentes nuclear power plant has become the main center of electric production in the Community of Valencia

Now, after almost 30 years of operation, the Cofrentes nuclear power plant has beocome the main electricity generating center for the Community of Valencia. It makes a contribution of 65%, whereas its contribution to the country at large amounts to 3.5%

Apart from its activity as one of the country’s most important centers for production of electric energy, the Cofrentes nuclear power plant develops an intense and significant relationship with its social environment. Some activities that are worthy of mention are receiving visits from educational centers and various associations, as well as organizing and participating in sociocultural events such as literary or painting contests, sports events , conferences for journalists, etc.

Central nuclear de Cofrentes

Titularity and production

Cofrentes is 100% the sole property of Iberdrola.

In 2022, the gross electric production generated by the Cofrentes nuclear power plant was 8,649.61 GWh. The accumulated production since it started its commercial operation in March 1985 until December 31 2022 is 306,335.03 GWh. The site has been in operation for over ten and a half years without any automatic reactor stops.

For more information, please visit their website.

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