Apr 24, 2018

Press Reports

Report on nuclear results from 2016

Every year, the Spanish Nuclear Industry Forum publishes a report on the results and perspectives of the nuclear sector in Spain and the world. This report collects the ownership of nuclear power plants, exploitation authorization, their operation throughout the year, the activities of the Spanish nuclear industry, the 60 nuclear reactors in construction aroud the world and the 447 in operation, etcetera. One of the most important sections of the report indicates that in 2016 nuclear energy produced 21.39% of electricity and represented over 35.18% of the emissions-free electricity produced in the Spanish electric system.


Seismic preparedness of Spanish nuclear power plants

Spanish nuclear power plants are located in areas with very low seismic activity. Nevertheless, Spanish nuclear reactors are designed to withstand an earthquake similar to the maximum level that has been historically registered o the previewed maximum, without harm to the safety systems.

Periodic international evaluations done by experts in the field within the transversal assessment plans known as "Peer Reviews" confirme that Spanish nuclear power sites have a correct and conservative seismic project.

pdf Download (in Spanish)


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