Almaraz I Nuclear Power Plant
Nuclear power in Spain

Almaraz I Nuclear Power Plant

LocationAlmaraz (Cáceres)
Start of commercial operationSeptember 1st, 1983
Installed power1,049.43 MW
Gross accumulated production from source (until 31st January 2024)307,981,350 MWh
Monthly production (January 2024)773,567 MWh
Accumulated production for the year773,567 MWh

Located in the province of Cáceres in the natural district known as Campo Arañuelo, the Almaraz I Nuclear Power Plant is cooled by water from the Arrocampo reservoir, on the Tajo River. The plant site occupies an area of 1,683 hectares in the municipal areas of Almaraz, Saucedilla, Serrejón and Romangordo, where thinly wooded pastures and irrigated crops are the most common methods of land exploitation. The land lends itself more to grazing than it does to crops, and there are abundant holly oak and cork plantations.

In 1972 the ground movement was initiated, and in 1973 the first load of concrete was placed on the site. Unit I began its operation in 1981, and unit II in 1983. In the case of this plant, 81% of the total construction and setup was done by Spanish companies.

Nobody is more aware of the extremely important contribution that the construction and start-up of the two groups of the Almaraz Nuclear Power Plant made to the economic and social development of the region than the local population. During the years of the construction period, the accumulated employment figures exceeded 30,000 man-years, reaching with a peak of 4,500 workers in 1976.

The Almaraz nuclear power plant is an important focus for the creation of employment and wealth in the area

In addition to its outstanding contribution to employment in the area, the Almaraz Nuclear Power Plant has directly collaborated and participated in the modernisation of infrastructures and in the organisation of social events in its area of influence.

In order for everyone to have an opportunity to learn about the Almaraz Nuclear Power Plant and what it does, an Information Centre was installed from the very beginning of the project. The purpose of this Centre is to explain the main characteristics of nuclear energy and to show how the sites operate.

Almaraz I Nuclear Power Plant

Titularity and production

The owners of Almaraz I and II are Iberdrola (53%), Endesa (36%) and Naturgy (11%).

In 2022, the ross electric energy production generated by unit I was 8,766,6 GWh. From the beginning of its commercial operation in September 1983 to December 31st 2022, it has produced a total 299,183.27 GWh. The same year, the production of gross electric energy generated by both units was 16,682.93 GWh.

For more information on this plant, visit their website.

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