Job creation
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Job creation

The Spanish nuclear industry employs nearly 28,000 workers, both directly and indirectly or by induced jobs. This is a sector that generates wealth and employment, which thousands of families depend on. It also clearly supports technology and research, development and the human factor. It is a cutting-edge, skilled technology with international recognition.

Job creation

The nuclear sector contributes to the generation and increase of employment opportunities in the locations of nuclear sites, rural areas that, without these sites would not have opportunities for employment and economic development at a very concerning time for rural Spain, which is becoming depopulated.

Jobs in the Spanish nuclear industry in general, whether in engineering companies, service companies, laboratories or nuclear power plants, are distinguished by their quality and stability. 81% of the work contracts are indefinite, according to a report based on a study conducted by PwC for Foro Nuclear. This report also indicates that in Spain over 50% of employees in the nuclear industry have a university degree.

The nuclear industry offers quality, stable jobs and dedicates a high number of hours to the ongoing training of its workers

The Spanish nuclear industry places value on the human factor as a fundamental axis to achieve safe and effective operation of its sites. For this reason it supports knowledge management in anticipation of the generational replacement of its workers as well as ongoing quality employee training, along with internal campaigns on work safety and zero accidents.

Job creation
Job creation


Ongoing training plans make it possible for nuclear sites to have highly qualified personnel, which leads to improvement in safety and ensures that tasks are executed with the required quality and security.

This obsession for constant improvement makes it necessary to maintain and improve, if possible, the competencies of workers and the nuclear industry. With this purpose, the nuclear sector establishes retraining or ongoing training plans in order to guarantee the safety of nuclear sites as well as to create research, development and innovation programs in Spain and internationally. We must remember that the Spanish nuclear sector is present in nuclear projects in over 40 countries. Thus, it is an active industry that generates employment and is currently expanding overseas.

In summary, the human factor is of key importance to the positive operation of Spanish nuclear power plants. The capabilities, technology and experience of nuclear industry, along with the high grade of commitment, skills and ongoing training of professionals in this sector, contribute to the excellent operation of the Spanish nuclear fleet year after year.

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