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Leon Cizelj
Dec 16, 2022 Leon Cizelj President of the European Nuclear Society (ENS)

“Nuclear knowledge is one of mankind’s major achievements"

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Eva Noguero
Nov 15, 2022 Eva Noguero Director of El Cabril

“El Cabril is the example of how an industrial site can perfectly coexist with nature"

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Heather Hoff & Kristin Zaitz
Oct 13, 2022 Heather Hoff & Kristin Zaitz Founders, Mothers for Nuclear

“Nuclear energy is misunderstood and undervalued"

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Pablo Rodríguez Fernández
Sep 13, 2022 Pablo Rodríguez Fernández Research scientist at MIT

“My dream? To turn on the light knowing that it comes from a fusion plant."

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Ignacio Durán
Jul 13, 2022 Ignacio Durán Professor Emeritus Ad-Honorem at the Faculty of Physics, University of Santiago de Compostela (Spain)

“Spain has the responsibility of maintaining its nuclear fleet"

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Tom Greatrex
Jun 21, 2022 Tom Greatrex Executive Director for the Nuclear Industry Association in the United Kingdom

“Without nuclear power, electricity is more expensive"

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María Josefa Moracho
May 12, 2022 María Josefa Moracho Senior Safety Officer at the International Atomic Energy Agency

“We are living decisive times for nuclear energy"

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Ángel Ibarra
Apr 13, 2022 Ángel Ibarra Director of the IFMIF-DONES Consortium for the development of nuclear fusion

“The IFMIF-DONES site is fundamental to the development of nuclear fusion reactors"

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Tiina Jalonen
Mar 16, 2022 Tiina Jalonen Senior Vice President of Development at Posiva

“We have a solution for the final disposal of spent nuclear fuel"

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Alfio Vidal
Feb 15, 2022 Alfio Vidal Manager of Nuclear Supervision at Iberdrola Nuclear Generation

“We seek excellence in the operation of our nuclear power plants"

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