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Grace Stanke
Feb 14, 2024 Grace Stanke Nuclear Engineer and Miss America 2023

“Nuclear science is everywhere around us"

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Francisco Martín
Jan 19, 2024 Francisco Martín President of Virlab

“Spain must reconsider the nuclear shutdown"

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Yolanda Benito
Dec 19, 2023 Yolanda Benito General Director of CIEMAT

“The window to act against climate change is getting smaller"

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Luis Soriano
Nov 15, 2023 Luis Soriano Director at WANO Paris Centre

“There is certainly a renewed interest in nuclear power"

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Emilio Mínguez
Sep 13, 2023 Emilio Mínguez President of the Spanish Nuclear Society

“There is a future and there are job opportunities for young people in the nuclear field"

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Carlos Hidalgo
Jul 13, 2023 Carlos Hidalgo Director of the National Fusion Laboratory at CIEMAT

“Nuclear fusion is the most efficient massive energy that exists in nature"

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Eduardo Gallego
Jun 16, 2023 Eduardo Gallego Professor of Nuclear Engineering at the School of Industrial Engineers at the Polytechnical University of Madrid

“I don't think shutting down nuclear power plants to burn gas or carbon is acceptable"

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Carmen Becerril
May 17, 2023 Carmen Becerril President of OMEL and the Spanish Association of Women in Energy

“Nuclear energy provides an essential service within the electric system"

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Manuel Fernández Ordóñez
Apr 12, 2023 Manuel Fernández Ordóñez Doctor of Nuclear Physics and author of the book “Nucleares sí, por favor” (Yes to nuclear, please)

“Nuclear energy is the perfect complement to the deployment of renewable energy sources"

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Jim Scherrer
Mar 13, 2023 Jim Scherrer Coordinator of World Nuclear Energy Day

“Finally, the world sees the benefits of nuclear energy"

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