Featured voices

Luis Enrique Herranz
Luis Enrique Herranz Head of Nuclear Safety Research at CIEMAT

“There is huge interest in the long-term operation of nuclear power plants"

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Jesús Izquierdo
Jesús Izquierdo Doctor of Nuclear Engineering and Associate to the Chief Engineer of the European Fusion Agency (F4E)

“Nuclear fission and fusion will coexist"

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Gonzalo Jiménez
Gonzalo Jiménez Researcher and nuclear technology professor

“Nuclear power is in better shape than ever "

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Óscar Martínez
Óscar Martínez Director of Medical Services at the Cofrentes Nuclear Power Plant

“Working in a nuclear power plant is completely safe"

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Daniel Gallego
Daniel Gallego Vice President of the European Nuclear Young Generation Forum 2021

“We young people have a bright future in the nuclear field"

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Dr. Daniel Alejandro Mazal
Dr. Daniel Alejandro Mazal Head of the Medical Physics Service at the Quirónsalud Proton Therapy Centre

“The more we know, the higher the chances of finding new nuclear applications "

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José Luis Crespo
José Luis Crespo Physicist and communicator via Quantum Fracture

“Not using nuclear power seems a bit suicidal"

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A historic moment for the United Arab Emirates
A historic moment for the United Arab Emirates CEO of Emirates Nuclear Energy Corporation (ENEC)

“The nuclear sector is an engine for social, academic and economic growth"

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Dominique Mouillot
Dominique Mouillot New President of Women in Nuclear Global

“We need to promote interest in nuclear professions"

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Juan José Gómez Cadenas
Juan José Gómez Cadenas Physicist, communicator and writer

“We must invest in science in a sustained and coherent way"

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