Featured voices

Pablo García
Pablo García President of Jóvenes Nucleares

“There are many opportunities for young people in the nuclear sector"

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Ho Nieh
Ho Nieh NRR's Director at the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission

“The vast majority of plants in the U.S. already have authorization to operate to 60 years"

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Atte Harjanne
Atte Harjanne Green League, Finland

“Future without nuclear looks bleak"

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Gabriele Voigt
Gabriele Voigt President of WiN Global

“We can't survive without nuclear energy"

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@OperadorNuclear Nuclear power plant supervisor and divulgator

“Nuclear power is useful to put a stop to global warming"

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Thelma Krug
Thelma Krug IPCC Vice-Chair

“Every bit of warming matters"

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Michael Shellenberger
Michael Shellenberger Founder and President of Environmental Progress

“Nuclear is the safest way to make electricity"

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Luis Echávarri
Luis Echávarri ex General Director of NEA/OCDE

“The future of electricity in Europe is renewable and nuclear"

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Carlos Alejaldre
Carlos Alejaldre Director of CIEMAT

“Fusion will be the energy of the future"

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Kristy Gogan
Kristy Gogan Co-founder and executive director of Energy for Humanity

“Nuclear taboo makes climate change worse"

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