Who we are
Who we are

Who we are

At Foro Nuclear we bring together a group of businesses and organizations including electric companies, nuclear power plants, engineering companies, service companies, large nuclear components and systems providers, industry associations, foundations and universities.

Since the year 1962 our association represents the interests of the Spanish nuclear sector. This industry is capable, technological and globally recognized. We support our members in the attainment of their commercial and business goals and promote their international presence. We also defend their interests before public administrations.

As Foro Nuclear, we defend the continuity of nuclear power plants and place value on the capabilities and technology of the Spanish nuclear industry

Who we are

We support the maintenance and continuity of nuclear power plants, given their invaluable contribution to guarantee electric supply and to the fight against climate change. Nuclear power is a source of electricity free of polluting emissions; it is at the lead of energy production by providing one fifth of all the electricity generated in Spain.

We encourage a better, greater knowledge of nuclear energy in society by providing rigorous, proven and specialized information, and we place value on the different applications of this technology in fields as diverse as medicine, art, agriculture and food, industry or the environment. With this purpose, we organize and participate in conferences, courses and events addressed to various interest groups and also publish studies and technical reports as well as informative publications.

Who we are
Who we are

We believe in the future of nuclear technology, in the importance of its contribution to the national gross domestic product, to the creation of wealth and employment and to research, development and innovation (R+D+I) for the evolution and development of this technology through new techniques of electricity production. We also support its application on other industrial areas.

Our members

Foro Nuclear brings the activities of the nuclear industry closer to society. This sector is dynamic and competitive; it exports technology, products and services and embraces RDI to create wealth and stable qualified employment, with a significant contribution to the Spanish economy. It also participates in the global nuclear development.

We represent the interests of the Spanish nuclear sector at public administrations and other stakeholders. We support our members’ international and international business opportunities, encouraging their participation in fairs, conferences, business meetings and other events. We are a connection hub and networking point for the nuclear sector; we bring together Spain’s main companies related to this technology.

The members of Foro Nuclear can be classified into four major groups:

  • Electric companies.
  • Nuclear power plants.
  • Companies dedicated to the exploitation of nuclear and radioactive sites, component manufacturers and nuclear system providers.
  • Engineering companies, nuclear and radiological companies, entities for technological nuclear development, civil works and assembly companies.

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For more information, or to become a member of Foro de la Industria Nuclear Española, please contact:

Pilar Sánchez
Director of Training and Industry Business Development
T: +34 91 553 63 03