Industry and technological leadership
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Industry and technological leadership

The Spanish nuclear sector embraces technological development, continuous improvement and innovation as strategic goals. It is safe to say that this industry is capable, technologically advanced, modern and innovative. It acts as a driving force for other industrial sectors whilst encouraging the internationalization of their activities in a growing market.

The nuclear industry develops R&D&I programs through technological innovation centers, engineering, robotics and instrumentation laboratories and advanced technology centers. It also maintains close cooperation with universities, research institutes and technological platforms.

Industry and technological leadership

The Spanish nuclear industry considers that the efforts and investments dedicated to R&D&I and encouraging a culture of innovation are absolutely necessary in order to maintain a high level of competitiveness, knowledge and experience, especially important to the Spanish nuclear industry’s process of internationalization and external projection. It is important to stress that the Spanish nuclear sector is consolidated and internationally renown, has a wealth of experience and is present in over 40 countries where it offers products and services to the entire nuclear value chain.

National and international markets see the Spanish nuclear industry as capable, technologically advanced, modern and innovative

According to data from the “Study on the socioeconomic impact of the Spanish nuclear industry”, conducted by the consulting firm PWC for Foro Nuclear in 2013, the nuclear industry invested over 71 million Euros in innovation and development; this amounted to 1.03% of the total R&D expenses from Spanish companies, well above other sectors.

The companies that compose the nuclear sector reflect Spain’s brand as a synonym of quality. The sector’s passion for constant improvement and demanding safety standards, along with constantly improving its competitivity and quality, drives our country’s nuclear industry to work intensely on research and innovation plans as well as on the development of its products and services and be always at the technological forefront.

Industry and technological leadership
Industry and technological leadership

In fact, thanks to the cutting-edge technology developed by the nuclear sector, this industry has numerous accreditations and certifications; various companies have diversified and applied their capabilities to other fields that demand technological leadership, such as the aeronautical, robotic or automatic sectors, or in advanced technological centers with accredited laboratories.

In short, the nuclear sector is highly skilled and in possession of cutting-edge technology. Its capacities, products and services are present in national markets and an increasing number of international markets. We are convinced it continue to improve its technical innovation and quality even more in the future.

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