Ascó II nuclear power plant
Nuclear power in Spain

Ascó II nuclear power plant

LocationAscó (Tarragona)
Start of commercial operation31 March 1986
Installed power1,027.20 MW
Gross accumulated production from source (until 29 February 2024)292,103,900 MWh
Monthly production (February 2024)536,230 MWh
Accumulated production for the year1,306,680 MWh

The Ascó nuclear power plant is located in the town of Ascó, in the district of Ribera d'Ebre in the province of Tarragona. Cooling for both units is provided by the Ebro River.

Authorization for construction of Unit I was granted by what was then the Ministry of Industry and Energy (MINER) in 1974, and the other unit was authorized in 1975.

The right to use the cooling water was awarded in 1977. After the operation permit was granted by MINER in 1982, the first unit was connected to the grid in 1983, followed by the second in 1985.

In November 2011, Ascó opened its new information center as an interactive space open to the public

The integration of the site into its surroundings was achieved by building confidence in the reliability and safety of its operation over the years, as well as by collaborating in activities of general interest promoted y local cultural and sports associations.

The land around the plant (and owned by it) has been used to cultivate vines, olives, fruit, etc.

In order to make the plant’s activities and nuclear power in general more accesible to society, in November 2011 Ascó opened a new interative information center that is open to the public.

Central nuclear de Ascó

Titularity and production

The owners of Ascó II are Endesa (15%) and Iberdrola (85%).

During 2022, the gross electric energy production corresponding to unit II was 7,933.71 GWh. From the start of its commercial operation in March 1986 until December 31 2022, it has accumulated 283,271.48 GWh. That same year, the gross energy production generated by both units at the Ascó nuclear power plant was 16,811.37 GWh.

For more information, please visit their website.

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