Trillo nuclear power plant
Nuclear power in Spain

Trillo nuclear power plant

LocationTrillo (Guadalajara)
Start of commercial operation6 August 1988
Installed power1,066 MW
Gross accumulated production from source (until 31 December 2020)268,867,183 MWh
Monthly production (August 2021)779,119 MWh
Accumulated production for the year4,842,415 MWh

The Trillo nuclear power plant is located alongside the Tajo River in the municipal area of Trillo, in the province of Guadalajara. At this plant, 85% of the investment was Spanish in origin.

The preliminary authorization, awarded on 4th September 1975, confirmed the proposed site and defined the characteristics of the project. In 1979 the construction permit was issued and in 1988 the plant was connected to the grid.

Since the very beginning, the plant has given great importance to maintaining open communications with society in general, and most especially with the locals of the surrounding area, the Alcarria. To meet this goal, the plant has set up various channels of information, including Internet, a blog, magazines and publications, sponsoring various activities and cultural publications in the area, as well as organizing cultural events.

The plant cooperates with the area in activities related to culture, training, provisioning and improvement of services

The Information Centre began its activities in 1981, in order to bring the nuclear site closer to the population. The plant’s staff consists of about 400 employees supported by special services provided by contracted companies. The plant cooperates with the surrounding area in activities relating to culture, education, procurement and the improvement of services. The annual refueling outages incorporate about 1000 additional workers.

At this site it was necessary to build Individualized Temporary Storage (ITS) facility to store spent fuel, since in 2002 the onsite pool reached saturation.

Central nuclear de Trillo

Titularity and production

The owners of Trillo are: Iberdrola (48%), Gas Natural Fenosa (34,5%), HC Energía (15,5%) and Nuclenor (2%). (Nuclenor is co-owned by Iberdrola by 50% and Endesa 50%).

In 2020, the gross energy production generated by the Trillo nuclear power plant was 8,456.4 GWh. The accumulated production of gross electric energy from the start of its commercial operation in August 1988 until 31st December 2020 is 264,024 GWh.

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