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Foro Nuclear integrates UNESA’s nuclear division

February 21, 2018

Following a meeting this morning, the Member Assembly at the Spanish Nuclear Industry Forum has unanimously approved the integration of all the nuclear activities of the Spanish Association of Electric Industry (UNESA) into the Spanish Nuclear Industry Forum (Foro Nuclear). The Spanish nuclear sector will be strengthened by this integration.

As of today, Foro Nuclear includes UNESA's nuclear division, with the goal to strengthen the nuclear sector by integrating all activities related to nuclear energy into one single association. UNESA's nuclear division will continue to do the same work it has done up to now. Likewise, Foro Nuclear, an association that since 1962 represents the Spanish nuclear industry at large, will continue to defend, as its president Ignacio Araluce says, "the need for nuclear energy in the country's electric mix, as it is a reliable source that is always available and has the capacity to lead electric production; it is also the source of energy that operates the most hours and contributes most to the fight against climate change since it does not emit CO2". All this, he adds, "makes nuclear power plants crucial to the energy transition in Spain".

For Ignacio Araluce, the integration of UNESA's nuclear division in Foro Nuclear is good news for the entire Spanish nuclear sector. A "cutting-edge, technological industry that exports products, services and technology to over 40 countries and enjoys international recognition". A sector which ultimately "supports research, development and generates wealth and quality employment, and therefore must be made known, preserved and encouraged, something that we will do with greater effort and dedication in this new stage of Foro Nuclear", he adds.

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Laura Escribano
T 91 598 92 75 / 639 210 341

Vanessa García
T 91 553 63 03

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