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Foro Nuclear presents allegations to the Enresa Tax

February 27, 2024

The Spanish Nuclear Industry Forum (Foro Nuclear) presented joint allegations on Monday, February 26 shared by all owners of Spanish nuclear power plants, against the draft of the Royal Decree intended to modify the fixed unit rate through which the National Radioactive Waste Company (Enresa) is financed for the management of waste, dismantling, and closure of Spanish nuclear power plants.

Likewise, on Tuesday, February 27 Foro Nuclear also filed a contentious-administrative appeal against the 7th General Radioactive Waste Plan (PGRR) and another against the abandonment of the Centralized Temporary Storage facility (ATC).

Foro Nuclear already indicated in its January 8 press release that the new PGRR implied a much higher cost than what was initially anticipated due to the new solutions adopted and the lack of consensus among the different institutions involved. Under no circumstances, indicated the press release, should these additional costs be attributed to Spanish nuclear power plants, which contribute an annual amount of approximately 450 million Euros to the Enresa Fund.

The higher cost of this new Plan, it added, represents a substantial change to the conditions under which the 2019 Protocol of Intentions Agreement was reached regarding the Enresa Fee, which is now intended to be increased by 40% through the aforementioned draft Royal Decree.

In response to this situation, Foro Nuclear requests in its allegations:

  • Providing economic information justifying this increase, and eliminating the extra costs derived from the 7th General Radioactive Waste Plan, which are not attributable to nuclear power plants.
  • It is also considered appropriate to exclude from the Enresa Fund's costs the amount corresponding to the tax on the storage of spent nuclear fuel and radioactive waste in centralized facilities, as well as the reallocation to the Enresa Fund of the collection of taxes on the production of spent nuclear fuel and radioactive waste resulting from nuclear energy generation and the storage of spent nuclear fuel and radioactive waste in centralized facilities.

In addition to the allegations against this Enresa Fee, two contentious-administrative appeals were filed by Foro Nuclear on February 27. One of these is against the Council of Ministers' Agreement of December 27, 2023 approving the 7th General Radioactive Waste Plan; the other one is against the agreement adopting the necessary instructions for the abandonment of the project to host a Centralized Temporary Storage in the municipality of Villar de Cañas (Cuenca), urging Enresa to carry out the actions necessary for the orderly termination of the procedures initiated for its operation.

Foro Nuclear sends a reminder that Spanish nuclear power plants are subject to excessive, discriminatory and sometimes redundant tax burdens that penalize their operation and management. Any additional increase in taxes and fees would compromise their economic viability at a time when nuclear power plants are essential in the energy transition due to the guarantee of supply they offer and the absence of CO2 emissions, considering delays in wind developments and pumping projects as storage.

For all these reasons, the nuclear sector demands a discussion table with the Government to reach a stable framework for nuclear power plants within the PNIEC (Integrated National Energy and Climate Plan).

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