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Nuclear: the largest source of electricity generation in Spain

January 22, 2019

Quoting figures from grid operator Red Eléctrica de España (REE), Foro Nuclear said Spain's nuclear fleet accounted for 7.09% of installed power generation capacity but produced 20.39% of electricity. The plants were operational for an average of 82.10% of the time.

Coal produced 14.29% of Spain's electricity from 9.62% of installed capacity and hydroelectric produced 13.82% from 19.5% of installed capacity. Wind produced a 18.99% share from 22.04% of installed capacity and solar 2.95% from 4.51%.

Foro Nuclear president Ignacio Araluce said the nuclear sector's performance "represents the availability, reliability, stability and predictability offered by nuclear energy" as it operates continuously and facilitates the proper management of the electric system. He said nuclear power plants do not emit contaminating gasses or particles to the atmosphere. In 2018 nuclear production accounted for almost 35% of emissions-free electricity generated in Spain.

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