'El Cabril' Disposal Facility
Nuclear power in Spain

'El Cabril' Disposal Facility

LocationHornachuelos (Córdoba)

The low-and medium-level waste storage center of El Cabril, property of the National Radioactive Waste Company (ENRESA), is located in the northwest part of the province of Cordoba in the foothills of the Sierra Albarrana and within the municipal district of Hornachuelos.

These sites have been designed and built with the most advanced storage technologies, and integration with the environment has been considered of utmost importance. The facility has two platforms for the disposal of low and intermediate level radioactive waste, and another with specific structures for very low level wastes. The waste comes from nuclear power plants, hospitals and research centers.

The design and construction of El Cabril made use of the most advanced storage technologies

The disposal system is based fundamentally on the incorporation of natural and engineered barriers safely isolating the materials disposed of for the time necessary for them to be converted into harmless substances.

In 2019 se 969.72 m3 of waste were produced, and 858.50 m3 were removed by Enresa.

The US Nuclear Regulatory Commission considers El Cabril one of the world’s best storage sites for radioactive waste

Medium, low and very low activities

Storage of medium, low and very low activity waste: in 2021, a total of 2,388.99 m3 of radioactive waste were received at El Cabril.

Storage of very low activity waste storage: In 2021019, 1,847.85 m3 of very low activity waste were received at El Cabril and stored in the specific structures for these materials. The first structure started to operate in El Cabril in 2008 and the second one in July 2016.

Storage of low and medium activity waste: In 2021, 541.14 m3 of low and medium activity waste were received in El Cabril.

The U. S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission considers El Cabril one of the world’s best sites for the storage of radioactive waste. It is a reference for similar centers outside Spain.

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