Juzbado, fuel assembly factory
Nuclear power in Spain

Juzbado, fuel assembly factory

Location37115 Juzbado (Salamanca)

Located in Juzbado, in the Province of Salamanca, since 1985, Enusa’s Fuel Assembly Factory is one of Europe’s most innovative. With a workforce of 359 staff members (the Enusa Group has 886 staff members) the site has a specialized and highly qualified team that encompasses the entire fuel production cycle: supply, uranium storage and logistics of the components necessary for manufacturing, fuel production and control of the product’s quality level as well as distribution to nuclear power plants in Spain and all over Europe.

Some of the activities developed at the site are: Quality Engineering, which controls and certifies the final quality of the product; Engineering and Process, which develops the equipment and processes necessary to manufacture the different products, and Fuel Services, which coordinate the inspection and repair campaigns.

The Juzbado factory in Salamanca encompasses the entire nuclear fuel production cycle

Juzbado has a Safety organization that guarantees the correct operation of the sites from the nuclear, physical, radiological and environmental viewpoints. It also continually invests on renovating equipment, optimizing processes and improving safety systems.

The Factory also has specialized laboratories that track the manufacturing process, perform environmental surveillance and control personnel dosimetry.

In 2019, Enusa provided to the Spanish nuclear power plants (Almaraz II, Ascó II Trillo and Vandellós II) a total of 180 tonnes of uranium (tU) at different degrees of enrichment.

Medición del espacio de las barras de combustible

The Juzbado Factory manufactured 273.70 tons of uranium, 51% of which were destined to exports, nuclear power plants in Belgium, France and Sweden. A total of 15 fuel elements were assembled, 505 for pressurized water reactors (PWR) and 110 for boiling water reactors (BWR).

Plans for 2020 include producing 319 equivalent tons of uranium, with supply of 440 PWR fuel elements for the Spanish nuclear power plants Almaraz I and II and Ascó I & II, Doel 3 & 4 in Belgium and Chinon 1 & 4, Blayais 1, Paluel 3 and Golfech 1 in France. Additionally, 504 BWR fuel elements will be sent to Forsmark 1 & 2 in Sweden and Olkiluoto 1 in Finland, with a very significant increase of the production level especially in BWR fuel.

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