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The nuclear power plants in Spain lead electric production one more year

January 01, 2018

Over one fifth of the electricity we consume in Spain is nuclear in origin. Year after year, nuclear power is the leading source in electric production. This technology offers security of supply, operates the highest amount of hours and respects the environment since it does not emit CO2. It is, in fact, the technology that has made the greatest contribution to the reduction of emissions.

In 2017, as has been customary, nuclear energy was once again the source of electric generation that contributed the most to the Spanish electric system. With just 7.06% of installed power, the seven Spanish nuclear reactors produced 55,612 net Gwh, 21.17% of the total electric energy consumed. This constituted a firm and predictable basis for the guarantee of electric consumption.

The data from REE's advanced statistical report analyzed by the Spanisn Nuclear Forum also reflects that nuclear power plants were, again, the source that worked the highest number of hours in 2017: over 7,500. This represents on average 85.80% of the total hours in the year. This percentage surpasses other technologies and, in the words of Ignacio Araluce, President of the Spanish Nuclear Forum, "represents the availability, reliability, stability and predictability offered by nuclear energy" as it operates continuously with extremely high regularity, which facilitates the proper management of the electric system.

In addition to this, nuclear power plants do not emit contaminating gasses or particles to the atmosphere, thus contributing to meet environmental compromises. Thus, in 2017 nuclear electric production amounted to almost 40% of emissions-free electricity generated in Spain, making it once again the source that contributed the most to avoid emissions.

For Ignacio Araluce, "nuclear energy is an essential source in the energy transition. From a technical point of view, nuclear power plants are essential in our country if we wish to have a safe and constant supply of energy and if we pretend to meet the ratified international environmental agreements". He also states that the positive results from 2017 "reflect the good work done by this industry, which is qualified, technological and cutting-edge and firmly supports research, development and innovation, and is also successful and enjoys international prestige as well as a team of compromised and highly qualified professionals."

The nuclear power plants in Spain lead electric production one more year

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