Cofrentes with operating permit until November 2030
March 18, 2021

Cofrentes with operating permit until November 2030

Cofrentes nuclear power plant was the main power source of electricity in the Valencia region in 2020, accounting for 46,5% of the total. The plant ensures reliable and carbon-free power supply, thus contributing to the fight against climate change.

On March 18th, 2021, the Department of Energy Transition and Demographic Challenge (MITECO) granted Cofrentes nuclear power plant the renewal of its operating permit until 30 November 2030. This decision followed the favorable assessment of the Spanish Regulator (CSN). This renewal complies with the provisions of the National Integrated Plan for Energy and Climate. (PNIEC)


Workers at the Cofrentes Nuclear Power Plant before the pandemic
Workers at the Cofrentes Nuclear Power Plant before the pandemic

Performance according to the best international safety standards

Cofrente's results over the last decade confirm a trajectory of continuous improvement, which is the result of upgrade and investment projects and efforts by their team of professionals:

  • Nuclear safety results are optimal. According to data published by CSN, the site has been since 2011 in the "Licensee Response" column, the best safety position within the Spanish equivalent of the Reactor Oversight Process (SISC).
  • One of the world's most reliable sites. According to NEI Magazine, Cofrentes ranks 31 out of 440 reactors, meaning the station is one of the best in the world in terms of performance, safety and reliability.
  • It has operated over 11 years without a scram, a milestone achieved only by 40 reactors in the 450 currently in operation, according to the World Association of Nuclear Operators (WANO).

Steady, reliable and emission-free production

Cofrentes' power genertion has continuously accounted for 3% to 4% of Spain's electrical demand. In the Valencia region it represented 46.5% of all electrical generation in 2020, according to REE, Spain's grid operator.

The station prevents the release of five tons of CO2 into the atmosphere yearly, being a key contributor to the fight against climate change.

Cofrentes’ accumulated power generation amounts to 292,000 gigawatt hour (GWh), enough energy to supply all Spanish households for four and half years.

Ongoing investment: economic & social driver

Cofrentes nuclear power plant has always allocated significant sums of money to continuously upgrade the site and technologically optimize equipment, all with the aim to ensure safe, reliable and sustained performance, informs the nuclear power plant.

Over the last decade, more than €450 million were invested to this end, favoring station readiness to ensure safe operation over the next few years.

These investment programs are an important economic and social driver for the Valencia region, especially for development of inland areas.

The site has undertaken a large upgrade and digitalization initiative to optimize multiple processes, equipment and components through technological solutions currently available on the marketplace.

Over the last ten years, the station completed key projects, including some relating to the post-Fukushima action plan, which have increased the site’s response capacity to extreme beyond-design-basis events.

The renewal of Cofrentes NPP’s operating license is associated to an investment program which shall facilitate further development of the station’s upgrade and update process. The program aims to maintain the station's high safety and reliability standards over the next ten years of operation.

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