Hungary, one more step towards nuclear energy
September 07, 2022

Hungary, one more step towards nuclear energy

The National Office for Nuclear Energy (OAH) of Hungary has given its approval to the expansion of the Paks nuclear power plant, south of Budapest, which will be carried out with a Russian loan and with the participation of the Russian state company Rosatom.

After the necessary preparations, the construction of two new reactors can begin in Hungary, which will join the four already existing ones in Paks. It is a very ambitious project that will cost around 12,500 million euros, according to the information published in NUCNET.

Hungary will build two new reactors that will be added to the four existing ones that generate 47% of the country's electricity

Despite the European sanctions against Russia for the invasion of Ukraine, the Hungarian Government considers that, given the current energy crisis, expansion plays an important role in the country's future supply. Hungarian Foreign Minister Péter Szijjártó assured that "it is increasingly evident that countries that have nuclear power plants can feel more secure in terms of their energy supply."

Security of supply is one of the reasons that lead Hungary to expand its nuclear park

Rosatom it had already signed an agreement with Hungary in 2014 to add two reactors to the Paks plant. The plant had started operating in 1982 and the two units operating generates today 47% of the electricity of the country. Paks blocks, with a capacity of 1,200 MW each, could be operational by 2030 and the plan is for them to work together with the four existing ones.

Source: NUCNET

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