A year of stability and security of supply with nuclear power in Spain
January 09, 2023

A year of stability and security of supply with nuclear power in Spain

In 2022, Spain's seven operating nuclear reactors generated 20.25% of the country's electricity, according to a statistical advance from Red Eléctrica de España analyzed by Foro Nuclear.

Throughout last year, Spanish nuclear power plants contributed to the system with reliable and continuous electricity, providing stability and security of supply. This is due to the fact that they are operative 24 hours a day and seven days a week, without depending on external agents for their operation.

A year of stability and security of supply with nuclear power in Spain

Over 20 % of electricity generated in 2022 in Spain comes from nuclear sources

The stability offered by the Spanish nuclear fleet is an advantage complemented by the fact that, once again, nuclear power is the technology that operated the longest number of hours in Spain. Thus, when considering net production and installed net power, the equivalent hours of production at full power from the Spanish nuclear fleet were 7,866 hours, which represents 89,80% of the total hours of the year.


In 2022, Spanish nuclear power plants operated at full power almost 90% of the hours in the year

With just 7,117 MW of installed net power, 6.02% of the total, nuclear power once again generated over 20% of the electricity, a consistent and consecutive figure for over a decade. In 2022, Spanish nuclear power plants produced a total of 55,983,35 net GWh, 3.6% more than last year.


mapa centrales nucleares
Mapa situación de las centrales nucleares españolas

Putting a stop to emissions

Nuclear energy is essential to fight climate change. Once again, one third (31.7% of the total CO2 emissions-free electricity produced), was generated thanks to nuclear power.

One third of the electricity without polluting emissions in Spain is produced by nuclear power

A year of stability and security of supply with nuclear power in Spain

These positive results, and the perfect state of operation of Spanish nuclear power plants, are achieved year after year thanks to the implication and professionalism of nuclear workers, along with the responsibility of the proprietary companies and the services provided by the Spanish nuclear industry. This highly skilled, cutting-edge and technological sector generates wealth and employment and makes it possible to keep Spanish nuclear power plants permanently updated. It is also present in over 40 countries, exporting technology, products and services thanks to the impulse of nuclear power in the wake of the energy crisis we are currently facing.

Capabilities of the Spanish nuclear industry

Impulso nuclear mundial

Currently, according to data from the United Nations International Atomic Energy Agency, there are 442 operating reactors and 57 more in construction in the world. These numbers will continue to grow following the announcement of new build in countries like the United Kingdom, France, Netherlands, Finland, Poland, Bulgaria, China, India, United States and Canada, the support of Small Modular Reactors and the long-term operation of the existing nuclear power plants.

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