Daily update on the situation of nuclear reactors in Ukraine
March 08, 2022

Daily update on the situation of nuclear reactors in Ukraine

The International Atomic Energy Agency at the United Nations (IAEA) monitors the situtation of the Ukranian nuclear reactors since the war broke out, and publishes a daily report.

Through its International Atomic Energy Agency based in Vienna, the United Nations is offering daily and constant information in different languages on the situation of the nuclear reactors in Ukraine since the beginning of the conflict.

All the information related to Ukranian reactors is available on their institutional webpage, as well as in their social media such as Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn.

IAEA publishes a daily report in various languages on the situation of Ukranian nuclear reactors

The Director of AIEA, Rafael M. Grossi, is also offering press conferences (available on the Agency's website "The conflict in Ukraine") to inform the media all over the world on the situation and current news of Ukranian reactors and radiation levels, which, according to this Agency, are still normal for the time being. IAEA remains in close contact with the Ukraninan regulatory agency and the country's authorities.

OIEA declaracion director general

For their part, the Nuclear Safety Council (CSN), the nuclear regulatory organization in Spain, issued a statement on March 4 monitoring the situation at the Zaporizhzhya nuclear power plant in Ukraine.

Along with this statement, available on their institutional website and in their social media such as Twitter, on March 7 CSN informed that "The European Nuclear Safety Regulators Group (ENSREG) held a new extraordinary meeting with the participation of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) to update the available data on the safety and security of the Ukranian nuclear installations, paying special attention to the situation in  Zaparozhzhya following the Russian military aggression."

Ukraine has 15 reactors in operation, two under construction and four that have been decommissioned. 50% of the country's electricity comes from nuclear energy, according to IAEA data.

Energia nuclear en Ucrania - OIEA
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