Ignacio Araluce: “Nuclear energy is essential in the energy transition”
May 10, 2024

Ignacio Araluce: “Nuclear energy is essential in the energy transition”

Ignacio Araluce, president of Foro Nuclear, focuses the content of his letter published in the report “Nuclear results in 2023 and future prospects” on the commitment of the new electricity generation to generate strategic solutions in the fight against climate change, the guarantee of electricity supply and economic competitiveness in the nuclear sector.

The year 2023 has consolidated a substantial change in the perception of nuclear energy. Ignacio Araluce, president of Foro Nuclear, is proud of the positive outlook towards nuclear technology in his letter published together with the report on nuclear results. He also refers to the growth of voices, institutions and organizations at national and international level that are in favor of nuclear energy, highlighting its advantages and its role in decarbonization.

Ignacio Araluce: “Nuclear energy is essential in the energy transition”
Cofrentes Nuclear Power Plant, Spain

“Beyond its ability to produce electricity consistently and without greenhouse gas emissions, nuclear power stands out for its crucial role in the energy transition”

Nuclear energy makes a strong comeback

During the last climate summit, the European Council included nuclear energy as a strategic technology for achieving climate neutrality and accelerating the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. Moreover, during COP28, around 24 countries committed to triple their installed nuclear power by 2050 to achieve a net zero emissions balance. In addition, the International Energy Agency, considers it a risk to abandon nuclear energy.

“24 countries pledged to triple installed nuclear power by 2050”

Ignacio Araluce: “Nuclear energy is essential in the energy transition”

More and more countries, including Spain, are presenting energy plans that are committed to the continued operation of reactors and the construction of large and small nuclear units as an integral part of their energy matrix.

Reduction of the tax burden and review of the Spanish nuclear shutdown

Despite the unquestionable importance of this energy source, which in Spain provides more than 20% of electricity year after year, Araluce warns of the significant challenges facing nuclear energy in our country.

  • It is advisable, as well as fundamental, a rethinking of the nuclear power plant closure schedule, given the notable difference between the current energy, economic and environmental situation and that which existed in 2019.
  • The discriminatory tax burden borne by the Spanish nuclear sector compared to other technologies must be addressed. This excessive burden of taxes and fees is not only unfair, and redundant in some cases, but also jeopardizes the viability of the plants. Therefore, it is urgent to review it and reduce it considerably without contemplating, in any case, additional increases.

“Spain needs to rethink the future of its nuclear power plants and the conditions that guarantee their viability”

The decisive role of the Spanish nuclear industry

With an active presence in the development and maintenance of reactors in more than 40 countries, the Spanish nuclear sector is a global player in the promotion of this CO2-free energy.

Ignacio Araluce: “Nuclear energy is essential in the energy transition”

We have seven nuclear units in operation: Almaraz I, Almaraz II, Ascó I, Ascó II, Cofrentes, Trillo and Vandellós II. All of them are pioneers in technology and safety with international recognition for their capabilities, commitment, experience and innovation.

“The Spanish nuclear industry and its professionals are internationally recognized for their capabilities, commitment and experience”

Finally, the president of Foro Nuclear concludes his message by highlighting the value of nuclear energy as a necessary bridge to a more sustainable future. “Its importance in the fight against climate change and in the autonomy and competitive energy supply is undeniable”, Araluce points out.

You can consult the annual publication detailing nuclear results in Spain and the world here.

This report, as well as all the activities that we develop from Foro Nuclear, are possible thanks to the support of our partners and is an opportunity to know in depth the contribution of nuclear energy and the activity of the companies that make up the Spanish nuclear industry.

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