Ignacio Araluce, president of the Spanish Nuclear Industry Forum
March 23, 2017

Ignacio Araluce, president of the Spanish Nuclear Industry Forum

Ignacio Araluce is the new president of Foro Nuclear, following the Executive Board Meeting and its Assembly on March 23 2017.

The new President of the Spanish Nuclear Industry Forum (Foro Nuclear) has spent his whole professional life dedicated to nuclear power. Born in the spanish city of San Sebastián, Ignacio Araluce studied Physical Science with a specialization in fundamental science and completed an Executive Development Program at the University of Navarra.

As a nuclear reactor operator and supervisor, Ignacio Araluce started his professional career in Tecnatom in 1979 as instructor for operation licenses for PWR units. From 1981 he managed operations and then production at the Almaraz Nuclear Power plant, a site he managed from 1988 to 2002.

The President of Foro Nuclear managed the Almaraz nuclear power plants for 14 years

After 14 years as director of this nuclear power plant in Extremadura, Spain, and having been in other directing roles related to nuclear technology, he started his international experience in Slovakia in 2005.

In the past ten years, he directed from Paris the WANO (World Association of Nuclear Operators), a world association of nuclear operators deidcated to the increase of safety and reliability of all the nuclear power plants in the world.

Since March 23 2017, Ignacio Araluce, formerly WANO General Director, replaces Antonio Cornadó as President of Foro Nuclear.

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