Celebrating 60 years with nuclear technology
January 18, 2022

Celebrating 60 years with nuclear technology

This year, the Spanish Nuclear Industry Forum (Foro Nuclear) celebrates six decades spreading the word on nuclear power, informing on current events in the sector; offering didactic resources and training; highlighting the value of the Spanish nuclear industry; defending the continuity of the operation of nuclear power plants and supporting its members to propel their business and international presence.

The Association, which represents the interests ofthe Spanish nuclear sector was created in 1962, sixty years ago, with the name Forum Atómico Español (Spanish Atomic Forum). In 1996 it changed its name to Foro de la Industria Nuclear Española (Spanish Nuclear Industry Forum), also known as Foro Nuclear. It witnessed and followed the different projects launched in Spain's nuclear history. Its goals have been focused on informing on the characteristics of nuclear power and promoting its relevant role, as well as representing the whole of the country's nuclear sector. Since March 2017, the President is Ignacio Araluce Letamendía since March 2017.

Foro Nuclear supports the business opportunities of its members nationally and internationally, and informs on the characteristics of nuclear power plants

The asssociate members of the Spanish Nuclear Industry Forum are the main Spanish companies related to nuclear power. The more than 55 companies, institutions and organizations that currently comprise the list of members can be classified as:

  • Electric companies.
  • Nuclear power plants.
  • Companies dedicated to the exploitation of nuclear and radioactive sites, component manufacturers and nuclear systems providers.
  • Engineering, nuclear services and radiological companies, organizations for technological nuclear development and civil works and assembly companies.
  • Sectorial associations, foundations and universities.

High tech sector

Foro Nuclear was created six years before the start of operation of José Cabrera, the first nuclear power plant that was launched in our country. This site, located in Guadalajara and better known as Zorita and currently in an advanced state of decommissioning, started its operation in July 1968. Visit this link for more information on nuclear power in Spain and other Spanish nuclear power plants currently at the dismantling stage.

Celebrating 60 years with nuclear technology

The nuclear impulse in our country, initiated in the sixties, was associated to an economic, industrial and technological development. Currenly, this vanguard industry with international recognition, committed professionals and presence in over 40 countries, covers the entire value chain of nuclear activity. It manages the initial studies, conceptual design, construction, fuel manufacturing, engineering development, equipment and components supply, operator training and management of nuclear waste as well as site dismantling. For more details on the Spanish nuclear industry please visit our dedicated catalogue.

Mapa ccnn espanolas

Currently, in Spain there are seven nuclear reactors in operation in five sites: Almaraz I and II (Cáceres), Ascó I and II (Tarragona), Cofrentes (Valencia), Trillo (Guadalajara) and Vandellós II (Tarragona). In 2021, once again, these plants operated with the maximum safety levels and reliability and contributed over 20 % of the electricity, just as they have been doing for over a decade. They are also essential in the fight against climate change as a CO2 free source. In fact, over 30 % of the electricity free of polluting emissions that was generated in Spain over the past year came from nuclear power. It is, in the words of the President of Foro Nuclear, "an energy source with an essential present and future in the energy transition of our country, which also generates wealth and quality employment".

Spanish nuclear power plants have been contributing over 20 % of the country's electricity for over a decade

Central nuclear de Vandellós II
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